The Terrible Purchase

Jeff was down the street shopping for his wife Dom because it was her birthday.  Jeff and his wife were rich but they were not going to be rich in a minute because he was buying Gucci glasses for his wife and they cost $99,999,999,999,900,000 and they had $100,000,000,000,000,000.

When he got home he gave his wife the present and he had a pool and the heat was unbearable, so he jumped in the pool and then he was swimming around and then he got out and front flipped.

Suddenly, Dom rushed out of the house and shouted, “These glasses are fake! You wasted all our money!”




Bob The Builder’s Trowel

Bob the Builder is a professional builder. On this very special day he was building a big bank, however, he didn’t have enough bricks to finish the building. Then he found out that he had a million dollars in his bank account because he had worked on a lot of buildings and got paid. Bob went and bought more bricks and then he finished the bank.

A silver statue of a trowel that weighed 10,000,000 grams – that no-one could pick up and go away with – was erected in front of the bank that Bob built. The statue was to remember him.