the bad husky named diesel

A husky named diesel was home alone and by the way that is a dog and a cat at home and the cat was very talented and that day the owner had a call that was very important so that day so the cat answered the phone and the cat can talk like a human so the cat was trying to speak like his owner but he could not but the cat said can you call back at 12:40 because that is when the cat and dogs owner the person on the phone said ok so the cat put the phone down

Jeff the bad kid

Jeff is a 15 year old kid and he is very sporty and fast kid and he does not like siting down so he stands every time someone asked him if he would like to sit down at his school and the bell went & we were in trouble because we hit a kid and one day his friend asked him to come over to his house and  he asked him to sit so Jeff sat down and his friend said that they can’t be friends anymore they have been friends since they were 8 years old did the principal say we can’t be best friends for life anymore. How sad!

The Terrible Purchase

Jeff was down the street shopping for his wife Dom because it was her birthday.  Jeff and his wife were rich but they were not going to be rich in a minute because he was buying Gucci glasses for his wife and they cost $99,999,999,999,900,000 and they had $100,000,000,000,000,000.

When he got home he gave his wife the present and he had a pool and the heat was unbearable, so he jumped in the pool and then he was swimming around and then he got out and front flipped.

Suddenly, Dom rushed out of the house and shouted, “These glasses are fake! You wasted all our money!”




Bob The Builder’s Trowel

Bob the Builder is a professional builder. On this very special day he was building a big bank, however, he didn’t have enough bricks to finish the building. Then he found out that he had a million dollars in his bank account because he had worked on a lot of buildings and got paid. Bob went and bought more bricks and then he finished the bank.

A silver statue of a trowel that weighed 10,000,000 grams – that no-one could pick up and go away with – was erected in front of the bank that Bob built. The statue was to remember him.

the yellow kid

At a big yellow hospital there was a tiny person riding roller skates and on top of the hospital was a big blue pool. The person riding the roller skates went up to the pool and took his roller skates off and went for a swim. He swam sixteen laps of the pool in is yellow swimming costume, it was amazing he did this as he had only just come out of hospital after a skin problem turned him yellow and roller skates were stuck to his feet. In the future he will not swim in the pool with his roller skates again but he did.

the bad striker

At a big green soccer field, a soccer team was training before a soccer game. The coach was yelling at the players to work harder.

“Work harder, work harder, if you want to win this game!”

Before the referee blew the whistle, the players had a five-minute talk. The captains walked up to the referee to do the coin toss. The referee blew the whistle to start. The player kicked the ball to the midfielder. Then the striker kicked it too hard and it went out of the field and landed in the crowd and hit someone.

“But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard,” said the striker.

The Dead Monster

Once upon a time, there was a big monster climbing up a tree, but all you could see was its arms because it was very skinny. What the monster didn’t know was that the tree was in someone’s yard. The grumpy owner of the yard was as violent as a tiger stuck in a cage. “Get out of my yard!” yelled the grumpy owner as he aimed his shotgun at the monster’s arms. The monster became angry like a demon when he heard those words. The grumpy owner shot his gun at the monster. The monster fell to the ground.


Underwater Song

One night at 12:00 a white octopus was playing the piano in the ocean in his house while the fish were sleeping and then he started playing a very bad song. The song was squeaky because the piano was out of tune, the fish around the piano were scared, swimming around fast, trying to get rid of their stress. The water became very wavy and bubbly. The fish were trying to be gentle as they were bumping into each other. The piano was springing off the ocean floor because the octopus was playing it so hard. “Stop!” yelled the octopus to himself, but he couldn’t stop.

cancelled flight

“Hi can I check you passport he asked” oh I forgot to tell you I am  a security guard for the airport if you don’t show me  your passport please leave thank you for showing me you go pass me and go on you flight. Behind the counters, the workers were scanning the suitcases to make sure nothing inappropriate was in there. In less than two minutes, the passenger was off on the plane but unfortunately his flight got cancelled. He went back home and looked on his phone to find another flight to Canberra. He found a flight that was on a Saturday the month after.