the bad striker

At a big green soccer field, a soccer team was training before a soccer game. The coach was yelling at the players to work harder.

“Work harder, work harder, if you want to win this game!”

Before the referee blew the whistle, the players had a five-minute talk. The captains walked up to the referee to do the coin toss. The referee blew the whistle to start. The player kicked the ball to the midfielder. Then the striker kicked it too hard and it went out of the field and landed in the crowd and hit someone.

“But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard,” said the striker.

One thought on “the bad striker”

  1. Hi Harry, I really enjoyed reading “the bad striker”. I really enjoyed the fact that you used actual soccer lingo. It made me feel like you really like soccer. Some of the content you used helped me to remember a cool soccer fact is that soccer is the most popular game in the world! I used to play soccer I was a goalie. Do you play? If so what position? I do have one question about the story is the story actually true or realistic fiction? From Skye who is from Illinois.

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